Why Optimizing Websites With SEO

SEO is Search engine optimization which means that any effort made to create a website can appear on the first page of search engine results with certain keywords. Of course we know, every time want to find a info by using google we will type the word he said. The keywords themselves are numerous and countless, depending on what they want to search for. Then after we type a keyword and we press enter, aka tone many link links that appear and ready to be accessed. Well that’s what search engine search results are. Then what is the importance of SEO for websites?

As mentioned earlier, SEO is Search engine optimization. That is our efforts to the website that we have or manage to appear in the search engine results page before with the top. The search results from itself to search engine consists of many pages that contain links search results. Usually, there are tens to hundreds of pages of search results, depending on the index. Well, that’s the problem, there are so many websites in the world, maybe millions or billions in number and they race to be the top race. When you have a website then you also unconsciously or consciously have accepted the challenge of becoming their new competitor.

Relation to the business, definitely a website like an online store that sells your product products, for example, such as beauty products for example. People will search for natural skin whitening cream keywords. Then the search results will appear on the search engine results page. So what happens if your website only appears on the search results page to 10, certainly will not be seen and impossible in the click is not it? that is why SEO is very important for all websites, especially for websites that have business activities in it. Without SEO we can call it in vain to create a website. Of course, we will have trouble facing traffic let alone order products or services from people who are looking for it on the internet.